Our Philosophy: 

The school community of Saints Anthony and Frances School grows year by year with great diversity in our school's ethnic population. In 2004, we  became an Archdiocesan school. In September 2008, St. Frances of Rome merged with St. Anthony, creating Saint. Anthony - St. Frances of Rome. The philosophy of the school is embodied in the following principles:

  • To practice by example and by precept the virtues of a Christian life.

  • To foster an atmosphere in our school that provides for creative learning and encourages growth of self-awareness and self-respect in each child.

  • To continue to encourage a sense of Catholic community among all the Faculty, Parents, and Students of the Catholic faith, and to extend that message of faith, hope, and love to the non-Catholics now in our community.

  • To bring to life the Gospel message of love by educating students in the practice of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

  • To instruct parents in their important role as the primary spiritual and intellectual teachers of their children.

  • To apply the substantial information gained from the Catechist Formation Program in teaching our students about their Christian role in  the modern world.

  • To begin in earnest to understand the special needs of many new students in our school to have the patience to deal with those needs, and to learn how to teach them by overcoming any deficiencies in ourselves that might be obstacles in reaching their educational goals.

In addition, our philosophy also includes the following ideas:

  • To provide an education with sound principles of moral behavior.

  • To empower children to do things that enrich the quality of life for others.

  • To create an atmosphere in our building that:

    • inspires trust

    • improves respect

    • has clear expectations

    • generally shows care for each other

    • has an atmosphere of charity and love

    • teaches our students their responsibility to respect people of all ethnic backgrounds.

Mission Statement:

The faculty, parents and students of St. Anthony - St. Frances of Rome School form a community dedicated to carry out a threefold goal of Catholic Education: Responsibility, Academic Success and Civic Pride.